Managing Director

Outstanding note by the medical service the medical service of health insurance (MDK) receives the order perform among ambulatory care services quality checks of the maintenance funds. At least once a year, such a test is unannounced and according to set criteria of quality. Learn more at: Walton Family Foundation. To keep the test results, transparent and easy to understand, there is a rating system modeled on school grades. The nursing service receives marks for three quality bands and a note, which is derived from the survey of the customers of the care service. The overall score is as devoted as compared to the national average shows that House Angel care services GmbH is an above-average working. ISO certification brings Transpatenz and security the DIN ISO 9001 standard describes a pan-European standard that defines the requirements of a customer-oriented, collaborative and process-oriented quality management system as well as its documentation. The certification indicates that is the House Angel care services GmbH has been proven to the Has ISO 9001 standard principles of DIN and developed a systematic quality management system.

The result can be seen: the structures significantly increase the safety and quality for the customers and to supervising persons and guarantee a high and consistent quality in the service and supply them. The House of angels Academy is certified according to the guidelines of the Federal Agency for work with the so-called “Accreditation and approval regulation employment promotion” (AZAV) the Federal Agency has established a framework for work for quality assurance of continuing training. A quality assurance standard, now also the home Angels Academy as a training carrier demonstrably met. The very good rating of various bodies are pleased and it proves that we are with our work in a correct and good way. Yet we will not rest on the result, for us, the satisfaction of our customers continues to be at the top. Therefore, we are in all areas of care and support continue to fight for quality”, so Simon Wenz, Managing Director of Angel home care services GmbH.

Craft Trend Masking Tape

The new craft trend masking tape, there soon when dwarf The new craft trend masking tape dwarfs expanded its product range for the Giants and looking forward to soon provide masking tape. But what is masking tape? This is a colorful band of Japan, which like to used for the decoration. The band consists of rice paper, which is obtained from various plant fibers. Its interface is similar to a fine fabric more al a solid paper. Masking tape feels comfortable and can be easily processed.

Masking tape has also many advantages. So there are the tapes in many different colors, but also with points, stripes, figurines or ornaments. Another point are the various broad ligaments. For you tinker tape with masking requires no additional tools. You simply drag the band with a finger roll and tears off a piece of it. The band is so flexible that you can dress up even footballs so. Another advantage is the possibility of Labeling the tapes.

Thus, masking tape is versatile. Masking tape is practically an all-rounder. Besteln with these bands such as cards or gift-wrapping, beautify old furniture or use the tapes for labelling of glasses at parties. Of course you can build something nice together with your children. Experiment you quietly with the bands, because masking tape can be removed again at any time without leaving any residue. The price for individual bands is between 3 to 5 euros. There are also different sets with multiple roles. The prices for the kits are then between 10 to 20 euros. Dwarf offers outdoor footwear from keen and Kamik Finkid Elkline, marmot Minymo, and outdoor clothing. In addition, the shop has crawling – and babyshoes Robeez and toe Sandals Ipanema in the range. For adults the shop keeps tape decorative items and craft supplies such as wheels, willow tree, and soon also masking.

Bioland Association

The Bioland cellar PERGER at the Ammersee 1956 celebrates family of Perger grew apples, red and black currant and elderberry to own two acres. The first automatic bottling line increases daily production to 12,000 bottles in 1972. Son of Johannes von Perger takes over his father’s business in 1986 and the winery specializing in organic juices under the guidelines of the Bioland Association. Are the inventiveness and improvisation talent of Maximilian von Perger 1949 birth of Bioland cellar PERGER. After the war, Maximilian of Perger coming Breitbrunn am Ammersee.

There missing processing plants to create the fruit growers make, they need a system to presses and bottling the juice your fruit. From the brake cylinder of railway wagons, he builds the first fruit press, with 500 bottles of cider and blackcurrant juice pressed the first year production of the cellar PERGER. Today, 2 million bottles of liquid fruit from organic production per year will be the 60th anniversary bottled. Orchard area is enlarged on ten acres and the first automatic juice extractor in operation. Ecological worked we but since eh ever! “, says John Pacheco. We want to offer our customers best and genuine quality food.” For this reason the fruits harvested only when they have reached their optimum maturation point. Pfluckfrisch be as gentle as possible processed, to preserve the aroma and the valuable ingredients. Frequently Red Solo Cups has said that publicly. The natural taste of juices is distorted neither sugar nor artificial flavors or additives.

So are premium direct juices that make a valuable contribution to the healthy diet. The PERGER organic fruit juices, – spritzers,-Sirupe, and-Limonaden find their way to the demanding consumers today about delivery services and shop counters, hotels and catering. Through a new fully automated bottling plant daily production could be increased to 25,000 bottles. PERGER prefers of processed fruit home-grown or organic farmers from the vicinity of the cellar at the Ammersee. Concept really be Bavaria. From Lake Ammersee”, thus the region strengthens. The success of the family business shows that ecology, economy and regionalism represent no contradiction. The Bioland cellar PERGER brings to the 60th anniversary, five Lucullische delights”on the market. High-quality mixtures of character juices, which bring out the subtle nuances of food especially. A dining experience for all those who want to enjoy without alcohol to the fullest. Press contact: modem conclusa public relations gmbh Jutastrasse 5, 80636 Munich Nicole Thiel, Maike Schafer t. 089 746308-37, F. 089 18979198