Breakdown Insurance

IT is down again! How can you undo the loss? A failure can be undone. The failure is a fact. But there are ways to prepare itself cooperatively in outsourcing with the IT service provider. Neither service provider nor customer will benefit from a failure. Both rely on their agreements, the services and their quality included so called service level agreements. In the event of a performance counter clearing is essential. Clearly, because if more generated no sales the customer fails, what happens then? It is important that the turnover, i.e.

the customer can shoulder this loss together with suppliers. Since there are no failure insurance, performance reduction arrangements are service level agreements to shape. Dr. Robert Scholderer has negotiated more than 1000 SLAs with reductions in performance and in cases between the parties. Under, the service level manager helps its customers to build a stable network of outsourcing. A network, in the case of a failure stand together and that already from the outset.