Car Insurance

The night before he returned very late and leave your car outside. The next morning found your car it has been stolen. Theft insurance ensures us coverage to these cases and not only for the theft of the vehicle, but also for the theft of some thing inside of the car, as the wrecker wheel or the repair of the damage caused by an attempted robbery or a particular robbery. Rates, using the insurance to compensate the stolen car does not appear is based on risk. When we talk about theft, always the problem of concept with the theft.He is called theft, when there is strength of by means of evading anything, instead in theft the force exists to take what is not theirs.

It is saying that it will be theft if getting wrecker wheel break the lock of the trunk of the car. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of PI Industries on most websites. In contrast if low to buy cigarettes without closing the car and in the meantime stolen wrecker wheel without forcing any lock is a theft.This difference is very important when making the complaint in insurance. How it works for car insurance with the? theft of accessories? Theft of factory accessories such as wheels, the lever of change, etc. Generally insurance cohabitant by value to new, but depend on the coverage (small letter). In the case of the wheels, it can happen that they replaced the wheels or insurance argue that wheels were a wear particular use and decides to pay only a part of the tyre. To which insurance them cover special accessories, i.e.

those who do not come from the factory, but are specially ordered by the owner of the car, must be incorporated in the General conditions of your policy. How will you act against car theft insurance? The small letter shall specify that type of coverage will assume your insurance. Car theft is regarded as sinister total. To determine the mode of compensation, whether it will be at new value, market value, value market, etc.A point which is widely explained in Siniestro Total. How much pay you insurance if your car is stolen?, and does not appear more. Subtraction full theft of car by 80% of the market value (retail value of the vehicle at the time of the accident) theft of parts by 80% of value to new. Battery/tire for 80% of the market value damages for attempted theft or emergence of car with 80% of the value of accessories and repair damage, if included in writing by 80% of the new value. You must report immediately and should appear within the stipulated period of waiting in the policy, the insured will have to accept it. If appears after this period, the insured, the insurance can claim compensation or you decide as appropriate. They are excluded within the theft: theft by the negligence of the insured (leave the set keys), abduction of accomplices of the family of the insured up to the third degree of consanguinity or employees of them.