Craft Trend Masking Tape

The new craft trend masking tape, there soon when dwarf The new craft trend masking tape dwarfs expanded its product range for the Giants and looking forward to soon provide masking tape. But what is masking tape? This is a colorful band of Japan, which like to used for the decoration. The band consists of rice paper, which is obtained from various plant fibers. Its interface is similar to a fine fabric more al a solid paper. Masking tape feels comfortable and can be easily processed.

Masking tape has also many advantages. So there are the tapes in many different colors, but also with points, stripes, figurines or ornaments. Another point are the various broad ligaments. For you tinker tape with masking requires no additional tools. You simply drag the band with a finger roll and tears off a piece of it. The band is so flexible that you can dress up even footballs so. Another advantage is the possibility of Labeling the tapes.

Thus, masking tape is versatile. Masking tape is practically an all-rounder. Besteln with these bands such as cards or gift-wrapping, beautify old furniture or use the tapes for labelling of glasses at parties. Of course you can build something nice together with your children. Experiment you quietly with the bands, because masking tape can be removed again at any time without leaving any residue. The price for individual bands is between 3 to 5 euros. There are also different sets with multiple roles. The prices for the kits are then between 10 to 20 euros. Dwarf offers outdoor footwear from keen and Kamik Finkid Elkline, marmot Minymo, and outdoor clothing. In addition, the shop has crawling – and babyshoes Robeez and toe Sandals Ipanema in the range. For adults the shop keeps tape decorative items and craft supplies such as wheels, willow tree, and soon also masking.