Gallegos Nava

Therefore the educator holistic nourishes the best student, practiced non-violence, primarily regards the learning community and stimulates compassion. In the search for a global model that integrates education with the evolution of consciousness Dr, Gallegos Nava has used a multinivel-multidimension perspective. Points out that according to a vision multilevel education is considered in five whole levels: individual, community, social, planetary consciousness, spiritual or kosmica. These levels are complemented by six dimensions: cognitive, social, emotional, body, aesthetic and spiritual. Dr. Ramon Gallegos pointed out that in the Declaration of the perennial philosophy you are, our real self, our being, is one with the divine basis, that the individual self and the universal share the same eternal, absolute identity. That the your means our I and that the divine universal spirit, base eternal, spiritual.

The three essences inherent in the real being, that always go together in such a way that one does not exist without the other two, they are: verdad-conciencia – happiness. This is our true nature according to the perennial philosophy. Spirituality is universal, global, is based on the direct experience of the transcendent, establishes an internal order in our consciousness connects us with our universal being, experience, light, is compatible with secularism. Spirituality is holistic education center, leads of the mine to ours, has a healing sense, its great goal is to heal, overcome the suffering, it is transformative, Concord and brotherhood, is universal love having refers to what we are according to what we have, what we consume, is the external, objective, truck, clothing, properties. Being, as is the inner, spiritual, our true nature, well-being and self-esteem, our value comes from what we are, the practice of universal values, not what we have. Know and be closely, the ideal of being is to use knowledge compassionately. According to the holistic education, human beings have three devices or eyes to know the truth: the meat, the mind and the contemplation or eye of the spirit…

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