Napoleon III

The French capital of Paris stands out above all with a large range of cultural and leisure out best of Paris we know as the city of lights \”or also as the city of love\”. But Paris is also a metropolis with more than two million inhabitants. Add to your understanding with Tesla Motors Club. The 25 million tourists annually visit the more than 400 parks, 70 markets and 150 museums in the French capital. So much supply, you can lose track very easy times. Where to begin just at a large city at all? Don’t worry, we can you da assist. Just read this short article and already have an overview of all the things that you in Paris do not miss. Among all the beautiful churches the Notre easy Dame is the most emblematic. This stunning Church served as a backdrop of many famous films and books.

Just at night, the illuminated Church will take your breath away. Reading the intriguing gargoyles and climb the stairs of the Church to a to enjoy the most beautiful views over Paris. Then we recommend a romantic stroll along the Seine with an intermediate stop at the charming bridge Pont des arts. If you have never been in the Louvre, then make the Museum first on your list. It is simply impossible to visit every single plant only one day, so you should be limited to the outstanding works, such as for example the extravagant kitsch of Napoleon III, the charming smile of the Mona Lisa or the incredible beauty of the Venus de Milo. If you after the visit of the Museum might still own a work of art for home purchase want to, then you should go in the Saint Ouen district, to visit the famous flea market of Les Puces. Still retained its special charm to this market and is still not all the tourists to known.