Wiper ship porthole – a window cleaner, mounted on a ship's porthole. Brush wiper ship porthole – a device that cleaning windows by moving the brush over the surface of the porthole. Centrifugal ship wiper – swivel glass purification which occurs due to centrifugal forces acting on the area of contamination. Balancing device ship porthole – a mechanism that balances the weight of the frame porthole for reduction efforts in its opening / closing. Continue to learn more with: Red Solo Cups. Glass ship portholes – special brand of glass used in the manufacture of windows, for example, hardened and semi – tempered glass, insulated glass; soundproof glass, laminated glass, electrically heated glass, fireproof glass, bulletproof glass, glass is resistant to electromagnetic radiation, change the transparency of glass. Zaklennoe glass porthole (synonym – Stalin) glass subjected to special treatment in the form of heating to high temperatures and then quenching. This glass is more resistant to shock and drops temperature.

If mechanical destruction stalinite shatters into harmless pieces with blunt edges. Portholes with tempered glass installed on the sea and river vessels in the areas most likely affected and mechanical shock. Laminated glass windows (same as – triplex) – glass, which consists of two or more glasses, glued together by laminating a film or a special adhesive fluid. The main task of laminated glass windows – to prevent forcible entry, to protect against ultraviolet radiation, to provide soundproofing the interior of the vessel. Electrically heated glass windows – the glass vessel windows, heated electric current passing along the heating elements (spirals). The main function of the heated glass – removal of the visual field ice, snow, moisture, which interfere with the review. Typically, heated glass is used in the manufacture of conning-tower windows courts to exclude interference review skipper, being in the wheelhouse.

Conning-tower box – a kind of ship portholes, which are installed in the wheelhouse of sea and river vessels. Often the conning-tower windows are supplied with a heating function to be able, at negative seawater temperature, frost and udalt snow. Conning-tower windows are supplied as wipers for cleaning spray, ice, snow and other contaminants. ro made to order, for each vessel.