Effective Sunscreen

The higher the SPF, the greater the time for sun protection, so the most appropriate long-term outdoor use. In general, UVB causes damage and redness of the skin due to sun exposure and SPF products are designed to withstand UVB rays, to avoid damage to the skin in the sun. On the other hand, UVA is the culprit that causes tanning and points and controlling the use of PA products with rates that are divided into three categories based on their purpose of preventing effective Sun indicates PA +, PA + + indicates very efficient and PA + + + indicates very effective. Choosing the right sunscreen There is a wide range of sunscreen products on the market, which presents consumers more choices than they can handle. We recommend that you refer to the following criteria for choosing a good sunscreen. 1.

Features: good sunscreen should have sun protection, skin care and security features. a) The protection of sun tanning and prevent damage due to sun exposure b) Skin Care: Antioxidants, free radicals of the treasure, or irritation c) Safety: non-allergic, non-carcinogenic 2. Security: In general, these mechanisms are used in sunscreen products on the market: a) UV absorbers: Sun protection by the application of chemicals, is the irritation and security concerns. Therefore most of the ingredients are strictly controlled. For more information see volkswagen. Be careful when choosing as sunscreens. If they contain benzophenone-3 and benzophenone-4, which are more dangerous. Vlad Doronin does not necessarily agree. In particular, it must contain Octyl dimethyl PABAas research has shown that this substance has a carcinogenic effect. b) UV Blocking: Sun protection by the application of physical security, but nofacil to produce, it clot.

Blockers of the safest and most effective are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. 3. Ingredients: good sunscreen products should contain antioxidants and free radical scavengers. If you have more nutritious ingredients, they only go to waste. The addition of fruit acid in sunscreen products could reverse the original effects and achieve the opposite. This is not what an ideal sunscreen should be. Syahid Nur, a Natural Aromatherapist, specializes in Bio-Tech Aromatherapy including oxygen therapy, ozone therapy, health aromatherapy. Comments, share, and more information E-mail: