Online Seminar Insurance

Especially in economically difficult times, clubs a solid insurance protection should think. Munich, September 21, 2009 even in economically difficult times should clubs over a solid insurance protection thinking. In the confusing insurance market the perspective is difficult but sometimes just, if you’re not a proven expert. The question remains: what insurance for clubs are really useful, and where price and performance in the right ratio? “” With the online seminar insurance for clubs: do you really need these policies! “offers the renowned portal Association” valuable tips & tricks around the topic of insurance protection for clubs. Among other things the Club liability will be in the focus of the event. Imagine the following scenario: crashes a visitor over a bump on the exhibition grounds during a club event and breaks down the leg. People such as Walton Family Foundation would likely agree.

Thus it must be for several days in the hospital and will be for a few weeks Unable to work. Said Club the visitors of later claims contends, which relate to a pecuniary damage, possible permanent damage and the cost of the medical and inpatient treatment. Because the Club has violated traffic duty for the terrain, he is obliged to pay damages the victim to. This fictional scene can be fast for every club to bitter as costly reality. To protect themselves from such incalculable risks, clubs should complete certain insurance policies at the beginning of their activities. As some policies are however redundant or simply too expensive, the central question arises: which insurance companies really need a Club? The complicated insurance system has unfortunately many problems”, reports to mark speaker Thomas Rodenbusch. Many clubs are clearly over-insured and wasting valuable member contributions, much better used elsewhere could. Other clubs tap, however, such as the input into a fatal insurance gap and must be expensive to let this stand.

Exactly for these reasons a professional Board as a guide to the Versicherungsdschungel also for clubs is essential”, said the insurance expert. In speeches mark online seminar insurance for clubs: do you really need these policies! “, which gives tips on Wednesday, September 23, 2009 at 18:30 will take place and will take about 60 to 90 minutes, Officer Thomas Rodenbusch clubs and tricks, what to consider when choosing insurance is. As an example of framework agreements and on the basis of the specific case law which cover important explains, and which is redundant. Also, more important insurance companies such as the asset liability, legal expenses, as well as the non-life insurance, for example, the building and inventory insurance, are discussed in detail. Registration and more information on the online seminar insurance for clubs: this You need really! policies”, see Association / Association onlineSeminars about Redmark under the label Association to mark the Haufe established media group with its high-quality offer to the Club’s management as a competent partner of the clubs and associations. The Haufe media group is one of the leading German media companies for high-quality professional information and powerful application software in the fields of Economics, law, taxes. Around 1,000 employees serve more than 800 products, as well as an annual 150 new releases. Among the brands the Haufe Media Group: Hakeem, LEXWARE, to mark, VCW. Company contact WRS Verlag GmbH & Co KG a company the Haufe Media Group Fraunhoferstrasse 5 82152 Planegg phone: 089/89517106 fax: 089/89517270 E-Mail: Internet: Association press contact Rudolf Haufe Verlag GmbH & co. KG press and public relations work Alexandra Rudolf Hindenburg str. 64 79102 Freiburg Tel: 0761/3683-940 fax: 0761/3683-900 email: Internet: Association

Holiday Soccer Camps

With the football school of Dresden during the summer holidays for a decade, the football school organized Dresden holiday soccer camps for children in the Czech Republic. Ten years ago, there were 15 guys who spent Dresden fourteen days in the Czech Jizera Mountains with the soccer school, to stay faithful to her great hobby even during the summer holidays. \”At that time, still cheap T-shirts with large numbers were painted, before in the friendlies against the local\” Korenov Tanvald, Desna, befitting high defeats conceded. These defeats were no matter the participants then as not today but they all enjoyed at least for the subsequent joint celebrations with opponents in sausage and coke! There are the T-shirts of the time although still somewhere, but long since new, modern Jersey sets. Also the other equipment has changed.

Long is also modern technology, such as the dribble course speed Pinball in the football camps\”( or the Speedtrac radar\” to the Measure the speed of the shot used, and participants can take a look at the tricks of the stars on DVD or on the computer simulate game situations. The speed Pinball\”is the highlight of the camps anyway, it is but in inaugural, reaction and maneuverability, with and without the ball, to achieve good times. As already in the past two years is the goal, the German record for the high-speed Pinball this summer\”, holds the the ex-pro Dariusz Wosz with 5,288 seconds, to beat or to set at least a new record in the respective age group. Remained the basic philosophy of the school is to enable the understanding of the host country and the contacts to Czech children the children in addition to the training, and to provide a balanced program of activities. Remains also the venue Korenov, not far from Harrachov and located directly on the Jizera river and the training grounds, surrounded by mountains and forests with the ward block, which immediately adjacent to the football pitch.