St. Petersburg Apartments

In my head spinning a thousand thoughts about how you will live happily in a new apartment, where to put your favorite sofa, where will your cat sleep and where to grow as your favorite flowers. Vlad doronin contributes greatly to this topic. It will take just a couple of days, and the euphoria of owning new apartment will pass and you will see a gray dreary walls, no plumbing – you will see your apartment, "naked." And then you will cover a wave of new thoughts and emotions! How to make a new home habitable? How to make it not only viable, but flat, "your dream"? The conclusion is clear – you urgently need a renovation of apartments in St. Petersburg! How? What? When? How would you have answered these questions you still have to do repair of apartments St. Petersburg. You can make repairs on their own apartments, or contact one of the decorating company.

In any case, whatever your decision, you must first prepare a business plan for repair of an apartment St. Steven Holl helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Petersburg. Sit back, take a pen and pad, do not worry … and begin to dream! Yes, just dream about what you want to see my apartment. For a start look around – Are you satisfied with the new layout of the apartment? If you find that a room is too small in area, and you wanted to do it baby, do not worry – the situation will save redevelopment of apartments St Petersburg.

Making a mark under the heading "IMPORTANT" – remodeling the apartment. Inspect carefully the walls, if you have the skills of painting and decorating – check how the walls shrink from the vertical. Depends on it, if you have to do the alignment of the walls – you do not want your furniture in the future was crooked? The same thing we do with the floor and ceiling. If minor deviations, then you're in luck! Otherwise, make a note in my notebook – the alignment surfaces. Or maybe you have a need to warm the floor? Do mark. Now go to the bathroom and the kitchen. Of course, the bath is better to cover with tiles, good variety of ceramic tile makes it possible to satisfy even the most refined taste. But how can one tile in the kitchen? If your plate is always fresh fragrant soup – the tiles on the walls and the floor – perfect for your kitchen version (tile is easy to clean). Now look at the windows and doors. You do not like? And write in a notebook – replacement windows and doors. With a rough finish like sorted out. Getting to the final finishing flat. What are your wallpaper? Paper, vinyl, or maybe fiberglass? A ceiling? Simply whitewash or ceilings? A floor covering? As choose high quality products and colors that diversity, which offers hardware store? You are confused? You will come to the aid professional interior designer. That he will develop a project design Your apartment based on your mentality and knowledge of the construction materials market, and you can appreciate the aesthetics and comfort of the accommodation before the repair. So, the business plan of repair of apartments St Petersburg compiled. Now you can begin to implement it yourself, or contact the company offering repair of apartments in St. Petersburg. You are already tired renovation of apartments in St. Petersburg? The main difficulties are still ahead, but they should go to Your accommodation please you and your loved ones!