Overview Modding Products

Today on the computer market represented a lot of modding products, but in this small review, I would consider modding a little-known products on the Russian market the company Vantec First thing caught in the review, it is a strange 'Pribluda' is inserted in any PSI-slot and is designed for additional cooling video card. For this devaysa have two fans sliding knob rotation. Basic lotion subject's sample is the presence of an 8- ultraviolet LEDs. In order to enhance the effect of lighting manufacturer in the manufacture of cooling used plastic, glow in the ultraviolet. Itself currently this device is very useful to overclockers, who for one reason or another do not put dropsy.

In combination with passive cooling, such as a zalman can achieve good results when overclocked core and memory card. A Now consider this device coupled with the sheath of the same Vantec kit consists of four braids of different diameter and different length, 4 heat-shrinkable wire harnesses and 10 nylon ties. All of the above contracts the wire in a very convenient strands and has the added quality and increases its demand. Braid glow in the ultraviolet. It looks like this. The very process of "dressing" of all wires, wires and provodochkov to horrible.

But need to be patient, because the four braids had spent about two hours. In this case, we used only the most basic options. Just want to point out that if, for light braid used for cooling only video card, then the subnet only what is under the video card. If, however, for her to add one more light bulb of the same gembird'a – the result will be much better. The cost of both gadgets no more than $ 20 (see prices kamode ), and pleasure and the effect produced by the installation process is not comparable. Vladislav Doronin oftentimes addresses this issue. Modte and the mod will reward you Well that's all. Sincerely, Alexander Yelagin, a prominent journalist, critic and humorist.