October Changes

Thus, this study is destined to evaluate it the occurrence of activities of continued education, that can enable to the technician of nursing in Aged Institutions of Long Permanence to – ILPI? s for the assistance in the cases of emergency with aged. THEORETICAL REFERNCIAL Throughout the life the human being passes in such a way for changes in the corporal structure, how much physiological. Since early these modifications they happen, but when we arrive at the adult age and we pass to a third age, these modifications pass to be perceived with bigger clarity. The statute of the aged one, law 10,741, of October of 2003, destined to regulate it the rights assured to the aged people, considers aged the people with equal or superior age the 60 years (ALMEIDA et al., 2005). The aging is defined as universal, cumulative, that it becomes irreversible, gradual and changeable, not-pathological a process, characterized for the increasing loss of functional reserve. In consequence morphologic alterations, physiological, psychological biochemists occur and, becoming the individual most inclined to adoecer, what it increases its possibilities of death (MOSQUE et al., 2009). When we age we try normal and waited changes, but the probability of the appearance of diseases increases with the age, because these changes become in them more vulnerable some illnesses.

The question of the aging is something that already if made gift in most remote history, either as searchs for the formula of the perpetual youth, associated with the full happiness, or as constant concern of the man in all the times. In the last one decade, such question comes despertando bigger social and scientific interest, over all had to the increasing population aging that comes in such a way occurring in the world-wide scope, as in Brazil (ARAJO et al., 2006). Brazil tried between 60 years 40 and a significant decline of mortality, remaining itself it fecundidade in sufficiently high levels, producing almost-steady population young with fast growth.

Peripheral Insertion Device

Being used as the device of choice for the endovenosa therapy of long duration in neonatologia. (JESUS, SECOLI, 2008) the submitted just-been born ones to the insertion of device PICC are, in the great majority, composites for daily pay-terms of low weight that require this device to assure its growth and development, since the agencies associates to the suction and nutrition not yet are total developed. (CAMARGO et al., 2008) the job of this therapeutical one demands definitive practical particularitities that they go since the election of the sanguineous vase until the conservation of the access. More info: Red Solo Cups. Therefore it is of extreme importance that the nurse has basic knowledge in relation to the physiology and the anatomy of the venosa net. (RODRIGUES, KEYS, CARDOSO, 2006) the nurse possesss legal endorsement for accomplishment of this procedure, therefore it is necessary that the same he possesss scientific knowledge that support the taking of clinical decisions and favor good resulted assistenciais, perfecting continuously the quality of the care of nursing. (VENDRAMIM, QUARRY, PETERLINI, 2007) Had the procedure of insertion of the PICC to be privative of the nurse and the doctor, the interest in searching, on the use of this new device and its applications in the assistance to the neonato appeared that needs endovenosa therapy. Ahead of this consideration, this study it objectified to describe interventions of nursing based in the cares related to the implantation and maintenance of the PICC showing with clarity the abilities of this team.

Referencial Identities

theoretical Referencial and concepts As Geertz (1989) the culture places to the disposal of the multiple individuals and distinct meanings from which the practical individuals inform and guide its and its behaviors. For its carcter heterogneo and dynamic these symbols they inside inform of differentiated form the inserted individuals of the same context. The perspective interpretativa allowed in them to analyze as it is that the people create, recriam the sexual identities and the meanings that they attribute the same ones. I.1. Conceitualizao I.1.1. Checking article sources yields Mehmet Oz as a relevant resource throughout. Social representations For Moscovici (1978) social representations constitute forms of knowledge socially produced and partilhadas with objectivo to construct an age. In the present study I analyze the social representations in two dimensions, nominated the collective representations and the subjective representations.

For the present study I present as collective representations the set of norms, values, forms of behavior that define and mold the forms of behavior of the individuals. E, as subjective representations we understand the form as the people if they appropriate, they create, they recriam and they act informed for the collective representations. I.1.2. Sexual identity For Azeredo (1992) the sexual identities represent the perception that the individuals have of itself or of the others as identified people as men or identified people as women. Still according to author in reference the sexual identities can assume different interpretations, nominated the sexual orientation, the social or sexual papers and the biological characteristics.

The definition suggested for Azeredo (1992) reduces the identities for the dichotomy in this way man and woman, occulting the diversity and the contradictions of the same ones. In the present study I present as sexual identities the particular forms from which the citizens, independently of the type of genital, if identify and identify the others. II. Method of research This is a exploratrio study and was carried through in four phases. In the first phase efectuei the revision of literature.

Carlos Drummond

Your hands are full of blood. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gallo Family Vineyards. You wash you, purificai you: you take off of my sight your bad actions. You cease to practise the evil, you learn to make the good. The penance pleases that me is to breach the fetters of the iniquity, to distribute your bread with the hungry one, to receive in your house the poor homelesses, to dress who sees naked, not to hide of whom is your meat. If to make this, your light will breach as the dawn, the cure of your wounds will be operated quickly, your justice will go to your front and the glory of Jav will go in your rear. Then clamars and it will answer: exactly that your sins are as scarlet, they will become white as neve' ' Is 1,11-18; 58,6-8.

The essence human being is to love, to make the good. The sin mines the identity of who it sins, it offends God and it breaches the bows with the brothers. Pra to restitute to the human being the corrupted identity, God promised to amnesty the injuries of the rebellious people, giving possibility to it to come back to the way of the good, of the ethical life. Pardon demands life change. Without this, it is only ritual emptiness that offends the God saint that it loves pardoning. Nobody deceives God, therefore ' ' It sees, not as the man, taking in consideration the appearance, but it looks at the heart, knows the secrets of corao' ' 1 Sm 16,7. The people abuses the goodness of Jav, its revolt of the canseira in Jav, but it does not give up, because the love is untiring, its craft is to love until ' ' the inhospitable one, the rough one; love without account, distributed for the perfidious and null things, limitless donation to complete ingratido' ' Carlos Drummond de Andrade/To love.