Craft Trend Masking Tape

The new craft trend masking tape, there soon when dwarf The new craft trend masking tape dwarfs expanded its product range for the Giants and looking forward to soon provide masking tape. But what is masking tape? This is a colorful band of Japan, which like to used for the decoration. The band consists of rice paper, which is obtained from various plant fibers. Its interface is similar to a fine fabric more al a solid paper. Masking tape feels comfortable and can be easily processed.

Masking tape has also many advantages. So there are the tapes in many different colors, but also with points, stripes, figurines or ornaments. Another point are the various broad ligaments. For you tinker tape with masking requires no additional tools. You simply drag the band with a finger roll and tears off a piece of it. The band is so flexible that you can dress up even footballs so. Another advantage is the possibility of Labeling the tapes.

Thus, masking tape is versatile. Masking tape is practically an all-rounder. Besteln with these bands such as cards or gift-wrapping, beautify old furniture or use the tapes for labelling of glasses at parties. Of course you can build something nice together with your children. Experiment you quietly with the bands, because masking tape can be removed again at any time without leaving any residue. The price for individual bands is between 3 to 5 euros. There are also different sets with multiple roles. The prices for the kits are then between 10 to 20 euros. Dwarf offers outdoor footwear from keen and Kamik Finkid Elkline, marmot Minymo, and outdoor clothing. In addition, the shop has crawling – and babyshoes Robeez and toe Sandals Ipanema in the range. For adults the shop keeps tape decorative items and craft supplies such as wheels, willow tree, and soon also masking.

StudioLine Photo Studio

“” 8-27 August: 31 species at the ‘Jungle Adventure’ / entrance & photo dates free the Castle a new attraction in the shopping center”provides for (er) horror, suspense and discovery drive from 8 to 27 August: the jungle adventure”with huge a meter caimans, exotic King pythons, sinister giant bird spiders, vociferous Madagascar giant hissing cockroaches and an imposing yellow Anaconda”. 31 total tropical and subtropical species waiting in huge reservoirs, pyramids, cockroaches – and beetle towers and large terrariums visitors in the shopping centre the Castle”more about the exotic wildlife would like to learn. The daily tours, which are carried out by the Organizer Oliver SAF personally, advance booking classes and kindergarten groups free have the opportunity to explore the eerie and exciting wildlife. Who wanted to keep always a giant Tarantula on the hand or dare to wear a three meter ball Python, loosely around the neck which comes at the photo session daily (except Sundays) between 16 and 17 at his own expense. Because then loads the StudioLine Photo Studio”around the jungle hut at the Rotunda in the event on the ground floor (entrance Grunewaldstrasse) together with the animal experts Oliver SAF a unilateral meeting with the wild animals in the Castle.

Even if the experience with the wild animals in the foreground is for the visitors, it is Oliver SAF important to impart knowledge. We want to show the behavior of our exotic animals people and provide them with an authentic impression of the way of life”, says beautiful rock, used for its exhibitions exclusively bred animals and never tomboys. Welfare is our priority, and which is only guaranteed with the pros.” “” From this basic Center Manager has determined Thomas Stoyke, the elaborate jungle adventure “in the Castle” to pick up. This time it is not about shopping, because the animals are of course not for sale, but the experience Jungle”and to the transfer of knowledge in combination with excitement and a little adventure. “It is not only the big animals that fascinate, also the giant Hercules beetle, the changing leaves ‘ and the hand-size agate snails are very impressive”, says Center Manager Stoyke. First, district mayor Norbert Kopp to the opening encounter with the wild animals will venture way, on August 8 at 11: 00.