Because It Fails An SME

It does not depend on the crisis, our heritage, our work and commitment to our business or business project fails. Before starting it is important to be clear about the factors that can lead to collapse our dream, but if already is this boat is important to be cautious and know because the results you desire and they can take me are not getting direct to failure. The first step is to be aware that there are factors that directly influence the outcome of my business and that are maybe neglected because it has not given the importance they deserve. While every business is unique and should be analyzed case by case, there are some common factors to consider: poor planning or lack of it: is important to have a good business planning that includes strategies, obtain resources, revenue & costs. Follow others, such as Sen. Marco Rubio, and add to your knowledge base. Disillusionment: when a business starts nothing guarantees the immediate success, on the contrary, it most likely that if the first time that it undertakes in his own company commits errors and that the results are not as expected at the start, What should be clear is that disillusion with the results can cause you to lose interest. Ineffective marketing: to succeed it is indispensable to know want to whom and how we should do it, creating strategies that allow us to be recognized in our area (page web, acquaintances, posters) post sale service or post service: when we receive payment for the sale or service process is not completed it is important to be attentive to the impressions which cause our customerIt is essential that if the customer subsequently requires a service go to us and not our competition, and that we have the certainty that recommend us to their acquaintances. Unknown cash flow: having liquidity is like having the daily food, it is important to know how much we have today and how much will future so have time to seek alternatives for financing and/or investors in if necessary. Competitors: we must know our competitors, what are the strengths and weaknesses, to make us stronger against them and create us opportunities that we favour.. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Central Romana and gain more knowledge..