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Simple rules of conduct reduce contagion aboard passengers spend sometimes many hours in confined spaces. Reports of the swine flu have increased significantly the fear of contagions. According to experts, it is however unfounded. According to the Internet portal fluege.de passengers through modern air-conditioning systems are comprehensively protected. Complex filter systems clean the air of viruses and bacteria before they can spread on the plane. Only one source of risk remains unaffected: the seat neighbor. By the limited space you closer to aboard involuntarily.

But just when the seat neighbouring ailing, this can be very uncomfortable. According to the news of fluege.de, but simple rules of conduct help to prevent infection. Who has a runny nose, should blow is not loud and strong. By carefully dabbing remain the pathogen in the tissue and are not stirred in the breathing air of other passengers. A handkerchief held over the mouth also helps with cough. This should then be in a Bag or a container of garbage disposed of properly.

According to experts, help also disinfecting cloths of moisture. They offer an easy alternative to hand washing and help also in dealing with unsavory items. These simple measures, each passenger can largely avoid direct contact with viruses and bacteria. Together with the highly developed air conditioning, they provide the basis for a healthy and safe trip. Because scientific studies have shown that the air in the airplane is actually cleaner than in most living or working areas. More information: news.fluege.de/…/ fine-air less – pathogen..