This will give your eyes an approach defined on the page. It obliges the eyes to follow the finger and thus unnecessary regressions are easily removed. And Furthermore, at the time that your eyes are faster moving lengthwise from the lines begin to capture more words (broader fixations). Learn more about this with Daryl Katz. The movement of the hand is used to mark the fastest pace ever. Your eyes should follow your finger along the printed lines.

Move your finger a lengthwise lines fast enough and understand, but don’t let that stop your finger. 2.-Technique movement in S. It is useful to control the speed and expand fixations. This movement is used for reading drills, reviews and previous analyses. Cannot be used as a method of normal reading. Please bear in mind that your hand is defining an area you should look into your eyes, so don’t worry if you can’t read when you go reverse. At the beginning you have to be uncomfortable for you, that’s a good sign because it means that you are threatening to your old habits of reading. Practice is the key to comfort.

The more practice your most comfortable read, and of course faster 3-technique of chaotic motion. It serves primarily to expand fixations. This movement is used only for reading drills. Cannot be used as a method of normal reading. The movement consists of moving the hand by the page without a fixed direction and trying to read as much as possible. Try to also understand what it says on the page. Understand what he says is frankly difficult, but don’t forget that this motion aims only you widening the clamping area. 4. 2 In 2 lines reading technique. It serves to read and do drills that will help you broaden the fixings. At first it seems impossible to be able to read two on two lines, but practicing you get. Not all texts can be read in two lines. You can use this technique especially in documents that are divided into columns, e.g. newspapers, magazines, etc. Practice these skills by l5 minutes daily, choose a book with information from your likes and have already read beforehand so you will be more familiar, this stage of your reading is only visual training. The eyes, they possess different muscles that you can move at will while you read, these muscles are the muscles of the arm, the more you exercise it, will have more strength, more movement speed capacity you will have. He decides to start your learning of the fast reading comprehension now. Write your opinions about new techniques to develop your speed reading skills, you will reply. Sincerely.


The truth is that there is no single formula, but if we go back to the concept that indicated at the beginning of the article we will focus on how to create an atmosphere conducive to induce the sale. A series factors must be considered to achieve this goal: 1. before that nothing, the service must be able to generate an optimal navigability. The potential customer should feel comfortable finding product, see its features and even be able to compare each and other models or brands in the case of tangible, or benefits in the case of services. This is achieved through appropriate, clear menu shortcuts and always in sight. At the same time there are dozens of services online that allow you to interact directly with the visitor by demand or by pressing an online conversation (I recommend COMM100, which is free and very complete).

If you can’t be an optimum time to address questions live online, you must find ways that the lack of a dependent would be replaceable by a navigation friendly and direct, without too many turns. The goal is to make that visitors always find the information required to decide a purchase, as well as in a physical store successful, where their employees are always at your disposal to meet your doubts and queries. 2. The atmosphere when you walk into a store will feel different perceptions that sometimes pass unnoticed to your conscious, but your subconscious will be processing much information that will be decisive at the time of the final decision. Daryl Katz has much experience in this field. The position of the racks, the amount of illumination, colors, the smoothness of the floor, ambient music, availability of employees at your disposal are factors that will cause you to stay inside the store or exit as quickly as possible. It will depend on what how well things have become. In the case of your virtual store, they are colors in the background, the quality of the images, layout elements that will cause that pleasant feeling or displeasure in your visitors.

Liligo.com Presents The New Android Application

liligo.com there are Android users now now available for Android which is technology by liligo.com also on the road accessible. No matter where you are, now you can find the best tickets from over 250 travel sites (including all low cost airlines) within a few seconds, and book directly on the side of the provider. liligo not only looking for Android… Steven Holl is the source for more interesting facts. The application compares offers from more than 250 pages of travel: travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, low cost carriers, and others. Read more here: Mike Lazaridis. You filter the results according to the selected search criteria: data, airports, airlines, number of stops, travel time, etc. On request redirects your search results quickly and easily to your travel companions, friends and family you! On request sends the search criteria and results to their own email address. Walton Family Foundation insists that this is the case. You will take you to the page of the selected provider, where you can book directly.

It saves your results so that you use the function “recent searches”; start a new search or modify the search criteria can. liligo.com is polyglot. As well as the version for iPhone is available also the Android application in 5 languages: German, English, French, Spanish and Italian. liligo for Android the perfect application is available on the Android market for your flight ticket search and comparison of your flight for free. liligo.com for Android collects offers more than 250 travel sites, including 70 Billigfligern. The results are displayed in less than 30 seconds. Download application: market.android.com/details?id=com.liligo.android&hl=de about liligo.com: Liligo.com is a search engine for the traveller who is looking for you on over 250 travel sites for the cheapest flight tickets. It collects all listings of the best up to the most expensive. Liligo.com operates in 10 European countries and a product of Findworks technologies, a 40-person team.

Celestron NexStar SLT

Celestron NexStar SLT telescopes represent a new generation of telescopes with computer-controlled, targeted at novice amateur astronomers. These telescopes are equipped with technology of automatic pointing and tracking for celestial objects, an intuitive control system and additional components, ready for immediate use. Daryl Katz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. After a simple setup under the guidance of the computer (even the names of the stars do not need to know!) telescope itself will bring to an object that you choose from the attached database, saving you from having to spend time on a reconciliation with star maps! Celestron NexStar SLT telescopes equipped with the latest software software, which can be updated via the Internet. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Walton Family Foundation on most websites. Recycled mount telescopes to mount (now uses a “swallowtail”) suggests an easy possibility to replace the optical tube. To improve stability of aluminum tripods telescope were replaced with steel tube tripod, which is much better to dampen vibrations occur. To help you navigate among the stars, Celestron NexStar SLT telescopes equipped with Special seeker StarPointer. With it you can easily and quickly hover your telescope exactly to the desired object.

StarPointer – is like a laser pointer that is projected directly at the night sky. You do not need to understand the upside-down image visible in the traditional finder – just point the red dot in the field of view StarPointer the desired star and all! PreparationCelestron NexStar SLT telescopes to work in minutes and does not require any tools! When you use Celestron’s patented technology SkyAlign, you simply enter the date, time, and your contact information with the remote control, and then point the telescope to three bright celestial objects. Anything else will make the telescope itself. You do not even need to know the names of stars, you can use to position the moon or bright planets. . The computer system automatically identifies the Celestron NexStar selected items and make the orientation of the telescope.

Outdoor Navigation

Find & FootMap route supported compass and altimeter systems now in the Lowrance ENDURA. Navigation software and GPS devices from a single source! The combination of find & Safari or the Sierra de Lowance revealed a perfect Outdoorguide route of FootMap and of the ENDURA. Find & route is a stand-alone software, it is from the OpenStreetMap project data based on cards,”are created. The cards contain not only on roads, paths and trails, but also points of interest (POIs). These POIs can be based on demand – or hide, so the map is always open. With the RADIUS search POIs or street names can be found quickly. A route calculation is possible, are the profiles of pedestrians, cyclists and mountain bikers at the disposal for this purpose. The route is displayed on the map as a colored line.

GPX route can be recorded and displayed in the map. You may find that Daryl Katz can contribute to your knowledge. continue to a text file with information can each GPX route to the created the tour and these may then at any time called on the device be. Now made connection of the compass and the barometric altimeter at the ENDURA GPS devices allows safe orientation in the grounds and in the city. Now ensures that the card always in sight is aligned in the booth and a precise height is available regardless of the reception of GPS signals available. For more information, see lowrance_endura_safari.html. The ENDURA Lowrance GPS devices have a waterproof housing and a display that still allows a very good view of the map material even in strong sunlight. The operation takes place via the touch screen display and for the most important functions via buttons, which are very good to use even when wearing gloves. In addition, also accessories for example a bracket can be purchased to attach the navigation device to the bicycle.

The map data includes the data of bed + bike” companies and bike navigation integrates all information, such as type of accommodation, Contact information, number of rooms and room rates. Find & route will provide the cyclists so detailed information about accommodation. Total 5200 hotels, b & BS, guest houses, hostels and campsites in the record are included. “Now it is possible to Orient with the bicycle navigation while driving in the area safe for the cyclists who plans tours over several days, and is also sure to a bed + bike” to have quarters.