Nor could buy goods, much less help someone. There have been longing for all patiano: horses, women, fame and drink, but was never happy. Sinforoso Then one day he decided to lead his horse at full gallop, to the church where the people were at mass. The devil, who was pursuing him, came to the house of God drawing sparks anger at not being able to enter the temple. Sinforoso advanced to the altar and kneeling, the priest apologized. E priest stopped the Mass and listened as people prayed to chase Lucifer. Then the demon burst like dynamite, leaving only a smell of burning sulfur.

After the priest confessed to Sinforoso, watered it with holy water, placed a scapular and imposed penance. Time passed and the man became great husband and father but each day that passed was poorer. Sinforoso thanked God and Lady for having gotten rid of the devil, but I was wrong. One night, the mother and daughter had gone to a wake and Sinforoso, very confident, he was alone at home. Then came Satan, who held out his hand and hood. Sinforoso say he bled to death that night.

The Myth of Juan Juan Tama Tama is the son of thunder, according to legend, comes a stream of water with the body covered with scales and is assisted by some indigenous him out of the Paez River. Women virgins fed her breasts but he absorbs all fluids, especially blood, and suck up the girls die giving life. He is growing as to be nurtured to become a community leader of the Paez. It faces fierce with the Guambianos pijaos and for defending the territorial nature of its people. His strongest weapon is a snake that in times of war becomes lightning. The origin of the earth and man: T'IWE N'HI 'YU'I NAS In the early days there was no land, no people, there was only KS'A'W WALA "great spirit." This was both male and female. Thus, reproducing itself and there were born other wise EKTHE spirits like space, leaving WEET'AHN the disease in time, the elf KL'UM controls the environment, the spirit of social control DAAT'I , S'I 'spirit of transformation, TAY the sun, and many others. Older children are bred and led to plants, animals, minerals and created a special child named NASA: man. nce with these questions. All these major and minor spirits lived together, had a single language, the NASA Yuwe (Paez language) and knew many things: some were singers, and other craftsmen, other shamans, directors, musicians and farmers among others. One day, WALA KS'A'W told them they had to build their own place to live, then, their children became people and made their homes in different parts separately. At first they lived in conflict. TAY, sun, its rays were burned and water is everywhere. Seeing this, the WALA KS'A'W directed to join into one and thus form a single household. They did and, upon binding, is compacted and formed the earth.