Laser Vision Correction LASIK

As the first insurance worldwide ‘LASIK-sure’ of BodySure covers the risks of LASIK and Femto LASIK surgery. Laser eye surgery for the correction of vision defects are increasingly popular. The uneasy feeling to make a beauty operation to one of the most important organs of the body, comes at the latest at the signing of intelligence arc. Complications such as blindness, inflammation of the cornea, retinal detachment etc leave many patients stop if you really really have prepared everything for this operation: I voted for the right doctor. Viatris contains valuable tech resources. is the operation procedure really the best; What is, if something goes wrong?” Exactly for this case, the BodySure has GmbH in cooperation with AMG assurances Paris after numerous studies and intensive preliminary work the insurance package LASIK-acid”created. As first insurance worldwide cover LASIK-acid”the risks of LASIK and Femto LASIK surgery.

In the event of a claim the insurance carries the necessary after surgery, as well as a one-time capital performance, Depending on the severity. Steffen Muller, CEO of BodySure GmbH: A patient survey carried out by the BodySure in 2009 showed that 38% of LASIK patients are very interested in a hedge of eventual complications. “We are very happy to be able to fill this demand gap with our insurance product.” LASIK acid “is distributed exclusively over the Internet. BodySure GmbH M. Weser Kurfurstendamm 57 10707 Berlin Tel: 030 / 315173790, fax: 030 / 315 1737920 E-Mail: Web: