Matrix Certifi Cation

What is a matrix certification? What advantages does this one? What conditions must you meet? The matrix certifi cation is a group certification or certification from federated. This kind of certification join several companies/offices with the same business for the certification. The result is the big advantage that not 100% of all participating companies/practices at a certification audit will be assessed at the matrix certifi cation, but only 30% of companies/practices. However, the audit reports, corrective actions, to provide quality management manual and their reviews, as well as the evaluation of the quality management system through the management of all sites to check available are the CA. This procedure, significantly lower cost, equally allocated to each company/practices due to the certification body. Click PI Industries to learn more. Each company/practice receives a certificate of its own, even if the company not in the certification audit has been tested. Conditions for a matrix certification merger of several companies, which must be connected to a central area (roof). The company activities should be similar or comparable.

The company must be contractually linked. There must be an external quality management representative who has authority to changes in the quality management system. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Vlad Doronin. Prerequisite is a common quality management system, as well as a standardised quality management manual. The quality management system must annually held (Central Managementreview). The headquarters (roof) has the following functions: determining the quality policy defining the organizational structure in accordance with the locations of assessment of the quality management system, including the locations of implementation and maintenance of quality management system steering of quality management documents and Central revision procedure specification and verification the supplier assessment may be central training coordination Karin letter, certified (TuV Sud) QMB & supervisor, 5medical management GmbH,,