Ohrlochern Jewelry

By stretching and punch and plates in the ear. What is ear jewelry? Now that is just in the eye of the beholder, jewelry or not. But almost always the wearing of such is accompanied by the mutilation of the earlobe. For most people in Western regions, it remains but mostly in small discreet holes, which are shot with a gun. Of course, with a piercing gun specially manufactured and any Smith and Wesson, 9 mm. Otherwise, it would probably often retain only a piercing. Other brave pierced with safety pin and potato. The hole is then filled it not to go on that.

So all sorts of lends to in principle, but plug made of stainless steel are used in specialty stores. You could leave now the whole thing. Most do also, on a more or less frequent exchange of earrings after healing of the hole. Nominees. But enjoys increasing popularity the expansion of knowledge. There are now a wide range of Dehnern provided for this purpose and also. For very urgent (and very brave) there’s still the dermal punch. You can simply give the lengthy stretch and the desired hole in size, can be simply cut out. You may find that Yorkville Advisors can contribute to your knowledge.

For the less daring, but approaching hope. The range of fake piercings is constantly growing. Is made for small holes, one earring, which makes big holes but when wearing. Only with a tunnel you can fool you, because he is to fill the hole, but (as the name suggests), such as through a tunnel through can see. And at the end even the though awkward but painless clip earrings. There’s that at all! In addition, stretching from Ohrlochern is also not new. Who is not familiar, the Mursi of Ethiopia, with the plates in the ears? However, I’m not sure if the plates were as jewelry or should deface to protect from kidnapping by slave traders or neighboring tribes.

Become Jewelry Designer

Make himself his jewelry with precious stones and prefabricated precious stone versions including the jeweller assets spend a half, if you machenkann his jewelry yourself? That thought is also a jewellery lover from Hamburg, Germany and launched the website of jewelry himself machen.com. On the page of all jewelry designer is not only tips, tricks and tutorials to his new chain, an elegant bracelet, or a noble earring. Here, Red Solo Cups expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Also links to shops in Germany and of Switzerland are integrated into the home page. Here there is the recipe for the perfect gift for your best friend or beloved wife. In the trailer, the necklace or the ring can be produced from a few items. Fine gemstone jewelry from his own hand – thanks to the numerous details of the versions and the translation tool, as well as the instructions for the correct manufacture the jewellery itself is no longer makes no hurdle.

Jewelry himself machen.com Internet portal, you can also contact the author of the page and ask potential difficulties with the experts. Who does not know it? The longing look at the showcase of the favorite jeweler. Details can be found by clicking Mark Angelo Yorkville or emailing the administrator. That’s now! Our own production of gemstone jewellery the jewellery prevented not only a deep grip lovers in his wallet. Rather, he can shine with exclusive, unique unique, which his fellow men envy will pale. Make jewelry yourself is no illusion today, with the right tips and tricks, making is easier than you might imagine. On the Web page he finds budding jewellery designer suggestions and support for the first own piece of jewelry. With some courage to act, the adventure can make jewelry yourself start. PR contact: Mark Minge mark Minge Reinbeker redder 181 21031 Hamburg Tel: 0172/4691929 E-Mail: Web:


GingerAndGrace are now also on Twitter GingerAndGrace, many fashion-conscious people, certainly as the label for designer fashion represent known, has recently also a news page on twitter.com. Managing Director Melanie Geisler has taken this step always currently offers or other news to inform their customers. GingerAndGrace offers its customers a wide range of exquisite designer fashion, including the trademark Princess goes Hollywood. This label offers fashionable clothing and accessories to the ladies. However, the company based in Bielefeld their customers is still a whole lot offers more. Hear other arguments on the topic with Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors. So, the offer has fans to out accessories, for example by day birger et mikkelsen, as well as clothing.

The customer can find a wide range of various fashion labels in the shop. Museum has already adapted to the new season his collection jackets for the cold season GingerAndGrace. So the style-conscious woman will find some of the most beautiful models of the Museum now jackets for the autumn and winter. Museum, a brand that looks for their peers. The offer usually covers every area of everyday of clothing off. So can be found here as well as chic mr. Mrs.

Shirt silk blouses also the matching designer jeans. Click on looks, and you be inspired anew. Also who would like to purchase online cashmere, will be thrilled by GingerAndGrace. See GingerAndGrace on the Internet at the same Internet address. Under the specified phone number, you can reach customer service if you have questions Mondays to Fridays between 10: 00 and 16: 00. Of course, you can not only order. Also questions about the products, materials, and many other topics you pleased the team of GingerAndGrace. With the additional service on twitter.de, on which all interested parties about offers and news can inform themselves, Melanie Geisler would like to do their business better known.

Rhinestone & Rhinestones

Background and uses Strass. What is that? Rhinestone, invented by the Alsatian Goldsmith Georg Friedrich Strass which from 1701 to 1773 lived. Imitations are of jewelry and precious stones that are made of lead crystal glass rhinestones. Nahmenhafte are manufacturer for rhinestone Swarovski and PRECIOSA. Georg Friedrich lived rhinestone from 1701 until 1773. He was a French Goldsmith, who worked with imitations of jewellery and precious stones. The Court of Louis of the XV was fascinated by jewelry, so that the imitation diamonds found popularity.

Georg Friedrich Strass was very successful with its replicas. Lead since 1734 he was allowed the title jewelry of the King”. Even today are the artificial gems after its inventor rhinestone “called. Rhinestones produced originally made of lead glass, a colourless material with special sheen. The light breaks on the surface of the rhinestones in various forms.

Make still better use of this advantage, rhinestones are literally cut like diamonds. You were In addition with a slide out metal deposited, which increasingly brought the rhinestone sparkle and glitter. High quality rhinestone is still made of lead crystal glass. In addition, the stones with metal oxides are steamed. Such a rhinestone can shine through this treatment in all colors and shades of color. Rhinestone was colorless, in its infancy so there are rhinestones today in all Colourations. The decision for a specific form will set then the rhinestone is used for what purpose. Square, round and oval shapes are available, there are drops and heart for individualists. Source: Yorkville Advisors. The application possibilities are legion. It is almost impossible to count them all, what can be adorned with Rhinestones and upgraded. Fingernails to luxuriously decorated by the elaborate gowns of tournament dance sport – rhinestone is anywhere to be found. T-Shirts and shoes, Christmas cards and Easter eggs, cell phones and vases – with a drop of glue and rhinestones can everyday things a little enchanted and beautify. With Rhinestone brings a special glue also the human skin to the glitter. Even easier is the iron-on with hotfix rhinestones. These stones have an adhesive, which is liquid at certain temperatures on their back. Such a stone hits another substance, the glue joins with this carrier. Only materials with porous surfaces used for such uses, for example fabric, leather and suede or wood. On very smooth and impermeable surfaces such as plastic, this hotfix stones are not used. Gorlach setting GmbH wholesaler for SWAROVSKI and PRECIOSA rhinestones

Christmas Decorations: Christmas Soon!

Christmas at design3000.de inexorably approaching the Festival and many is the preparations for working. Is finding a new Christmas decoration trends not to get bogged down, the creative minds at design3000.de had a brilliant idea once again: the customer gets about the directions of the decoration in style group of classically elegant fancy up to purist or playful presents! Thus the customer due to the variety of trends at the Christmas decorations can find those that suits him and his creation. “There are following trends in particular: there is the purple mood Christmas decorations” in the trend color of the winter. These products are charismatic, elegant, sensual, and at the same time very modern and are intended for the customers, who place value on current trends in the Christmas decorations. The sweet Christmas ornaments “, however, the romantic and nostalgic natures should inspire, that it rather playful, glamorous and though like. These customers can be from a variety of trends to the heart warming Select and thus meet their Christmas shops with lots of love.

In contrast to this is the Christmas decorations for the purists “, where less is more: clean lines, simplicity and Purness characterize the decorative items in this group.” With these products, you can use a few well-chosen highlights. Rather for the generation of younger or young at heart, the creators of design3000.de have the crazy Christmas decorations category”thought: here there are beautiful colorful, sloping, partly also pretty cheesy decorating products for at home. Contact information is here: Yorkville Advisors. If one has decorated his home so shrill, the Christmas party can go right! As the last category, there are still the Christmas decorations de luxe “, distinguishes the characterized his noble, festive, elegant and radiant look. That is luxurious and at the same time warm and atmospheric where gold is the central theme of this Christmas decorations. Based on this trend classification allows design3000.de, that each customer can find the Christmas decorations matching for him or even Assuming you know the establishment or the style of clothing for friends and family or even business partners online can order the perfect gift.

Beach Dresses

To look good on the beach time, where you can enjoy a nice holiday and you will certainly also use to drive, so that you can relax once and enjoy beautiful weather on the beach and the sea is just ladies also automatically very important when the summer comes, then comes for most people. Travelling to the beach, then you want to have but also the suitable level clothing for this, where you can take a look and can make a good impression, because just on vacation, you want to look like particularly good, the own outfit is usually extremely important women in particular here. Of course above all the correct and suitable swimwear should exist on a beach holiday, where you can feel at home, but most women want comfortable and chic stuff can take over on the beach, when it just isn’t in the water and sports would like to drive or walk a little. Beach dresses are here remains a classic, the it in many different Are the different variations. Here the matching cutting and the right design for a to find yourself can be sometimes quite difficult, mainly because you seldom dealing with the topic Beach dress in everyday life and here accordingly not all to experience the most ladies have.

However to find a great and suitable Beach dress, which once again can beautify the holiday a lot if you have at least a rough idea of what is a particularly well and what colors you would like to have, usually very quickly and without much effort. Important is of course, to allow a little time for the search and to make these thoughts alone, you have it much easier than if you would have to go on buying in a hurry and stress. Also in the colours of course no wishes remain open. There are colorful patterned Beach dresses, but also more muted colors. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Walton Family Foundation. But you should abandon dark colours rather, attract the Sun and thus the heat even more. Depending on the personal taste can be even between Choose flat and patterned Beach clothes.