Fuel Companies

Ltd. "Innovative Fuel Company" Izhevsk offers for sale the wood under the brand Damn. Birch logs brand Damn, this is an ideal fuel for fireplaces, stoves, barbecues, saunas, as well as for heating boiler houses, country houses, cottages, holiday homes and sanatoriums. Aspen wood, burning bright flame length, not smoked, and this feature helps to get rid of the soot in the chimney. If they put a wood stove already melted, the they burn hot enough and long hold heat. For the prevention of chimney to aspen firewood recommended underlay potato peelings as they are loosened by burning a dense layer of soot, which disappears when good traction in the oven.

Anyone who heats with wood stove, enjoying the warmth of the healthiest. Mark Angelo Yorkville Advisors has plenty of information regarding this issue. Mankind has long used this most ancient natural combustible material, admiring the play of flames. In addition, the wood – this is the most ecologically balanced fuel: burning wood is allocated exactly as much carbon dioxide as it absorbed her whole life. However, when purchasing firewood to ensure environmental safety proizrostaniya area. Firewood mark 'Damn' produced in ecologically clean regions of Udmurtia. Firewood mark 'Damn' – it's stored solar energy.

Since their introduction in improving your home environment. Bundle birch wood in the fireplace, exuding the smell of fresh, positive effect on the respiratory tract, creating an amazing emotional and romantic atmosphere. For added convenience, customers firewood brand 'Damn' is possible packing firewood in nets of various sizes. This provides a convenient way to store firewood. Ltd. "Innovative Fuel Company" Izhevsk (OOO "CTI"), a leading company in the region to the introduction and development of innovative fuel technology. Implementing a number of projects to develop bio-energy sector of the Udmurt Republic.