The Changes

Nihilism: It is a wear and tear of religions, where the search for transcendence is achieved in the transcendent, but without a doubt there is a transcendence that satisfies it. The development of the spiritual dimension of man is one of the most important and the most fragile, because the predominance of new economic models has generated total dehumanization of man. Globalization is a phenomenon which has generated a huge impact on values and representations of an era of accelerated change, where the sign of contemporaneity is the acceleration of time and increasing individualism. Because it is not only a time of great change, but a change of era, where the old crumbles and again fails to appear, which stains the existence of a feeling dominated by diffuse discomfort and uncertainty. The certainties conquered by modernity are undermined by turbulence of the changes that stripped the limitations of the human understanding to understand what is happening and to foresee future trends. And this increase in the dynamism of flourishe and cultural change, generates a crisis of cognitive maps previous, causing not only ours is characterized as the era of vacuum – according to Lipovesky-from loss of fundamentals, but that it is also, by the dissolution of the community homogeneous, national or patriotic, the loss of the us. The spiritual wealth is that degree of relationship that establishes a human being with a being superior and this relationship allows you to acquire values that contribute to the formation of his personality and the development of a sensitivity, which allows to exercise powers towards a community. Many people through the development of the spiritual life have found reasons to live, i.e.

they have found him sense to life i. For some happiness found it through spirituality, there is no pessimism, or selfishness, or envy or lack of security. There are an inner strength that gives you full control over your decisions and your actions.

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