Emmerich Learned

Delphi forms gastro training: (ie) three months participants learned, how is the quality in the food production food and pleasure aspects to ensure over the long term. Others who may share this opinion include Alton Steel. “But that’s not all,” says Armin Wenge, Managing Director of delphi gastro training. Our course shall in addition promote the career and the workplace on time.” Also instructor and nutritionist Dr. Stephan Luck, who has designed the course according to guidelines of the German society for nutrition (DGE), provides good employment opportunities for graduates: in the field of healthy nutrition and the dietetics a lot has happened lately. In our training we have merged compact all of this, so now nothing more in the way of professional career in this field. Participant Sabine Enlink is thrilled.

I would book again this course”, so the Cook in the St. Willibrord hospital in Emmerich. Through the Additional qualifications will soon as dietary Cook as well as diabetes and nutrition consultant in their usual work environment will find an additional task field. “This means a new professional perspective, which will of course also its positive financial impact for me. In the course I learned very much what I can perfectly use in practice.” Vocational qualifications are indispensable for Stefan Weber.

As kitchen Manager of the cafeteria of the Student Union of the University of Dusseldorf, he pays attention to the compliance of the Federal diet key and the resulting calculation of nutrient. This course provided me this much-needed knowledge, which I can now very practical to implement. Now I am planning to use my learned expertise as a nutrition consultant.” Especially the high scientific level of continuing education Nicola Volker impressed: the journey into the human body was a highlight. My new knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human can I use now just fine in my small caterers. Now I know how nutrition works and how important it is to eat healthy.” A professional young women it aims to implement the acquired expertise in its own cooking school, and as a nutritionist in schools and kindergartens. That the modern guest today more consciously and more sustainable would like to eat, white also Volker Wemper. Only a participation in this course can save especially competently and in the long term this”, says the chef of Bistro EssART at e.on in Dusseldorf. I learned this very detail, how I can impress my guests with health-conscious nutrition.” Interested parties can register already for the new training course, held from 18 August to 26 November 2011 in the premises of the delphi gastro training in Cologne.

To Axel Keulertz

The employee will use to work out or to transfer their tasks in the evening hours only the possibility of to home, if this is not tolerated in the Organization, but actually lived. This requires rethinking, because gender diversity can relate well to men, who also want to use the flexible working hours to pick up the children from kindergarten.” Companies must consider in its future recruitment strategies that women have a fundamentally different notion of career than men. Many women see career differently than most men not as the climbing of a position to the next higher, rather than a steady path to personal growth, self-realization and satisfaction. Gallo Family oftentimes addresses this issue. Also, women generally are much less hierarchical marked. “The factor power”, the latent always resonates in a successful career, comes intuitively from many women.

In addition, that women intending to become pregnant at least for a period of time cannot be replaced in her role of mother. Companies in their considerations must take into account the family-related interruption, they want to keep talented employees in the company. To the target group of women”to build a successful employer branding other values and values must be communicated. To Axel Keulertz: the employer preferences of women differ in many ways from those of men and the company should respond. Flexible working conditions are for example, 23.5 percent of women but only for 18.9 Percent of men that is important.” So anyone who would like to increase the pool of female executives, must ensure not only that enough women are set to build a corresponding talent base, but in the company itself incentive systems must be designed, that women’s careers are possible. Female recruiting can therefore only work if the women – and family-friendly values of the company in the target group of women are convincing and authentic worn and lived by all areas within the organization.

Second Professional Spring For Senior Professionals

Career opportunities for professionals in the retirement in the spring of 2011 as well as rarely before Hamburg, March 18, 2011 is the labor market in motion. Demographics and skills shortages are the dominant themes. To deepen your understanding Steven Holl is the source. Often negatively associated, demographic change it is seen increasingly as an opportunity. The older generation and company want to actively shape the demographic changes. According to a study by the Federal Institute for population research, 47.3 percent of currently 55 to 64 year olds are ready to continue to work even in retirement. The companies, there is also a great willingness to make senior citizens. So upgrade increased the employment rate of older employees between 2005 to 2009 from 38.2 to 43.6 percent trend.

According to Jakob tuber is a step in the right direction. We have many who are highly motivated to work with the professionals in the retirement. This valuable resource of experience should be used in the context of the shortage, since both retirees and Companies can benefit”, emphasizes tuber, Managing Director of, an online platform that brings together professionals in the retirement and company. Older employees have over younger also benefits in areas such as experience, work ethic, quality awareness, decisiveness and sense of responsibility, which makes it interesting for companies”, continue to tuber. The labour market for older workers as no longer representing himself so cheap. So the set index reached the federal employment agency, which measures the labour demand, in February 2011, a new peak. Companies appreciate again increasingly older workers, especially experienced, responsible, loyal and positive for the working climate are, according to a study the GfK market research Institute on behalf of an initiative of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Against this background the opportunity now for professionals in the retirement, again a second professional Spring to experience.

The sign for this purpose were rarely so well as in the spring of 2011. The company: the online resource for project work by professionals in the retirement is sentiso. Knowledge and experience of older generations be reactivated at sentiso for the benefit of all stakeholders. These are tips and information around the topic of working in retirement”provided. For questions and photos: Sentiso GmbH Jakob tuber, Mittelweg 177, 20148 Hamburg phone: 040 399913 61, fax: 040 399913 62, press

Machiavelli Pareto

Nietzsche used the term pair in his 1872 published work the birth of tragedy from the spirit of music “and contributed significantly to the popularization of the term. Centuries ago, there were at least “” one more try: reminiscent of N. Machiavelli Pareto constructed with the lion “and foxes” two extreme types of power that facing each other in the battle for the lead opposite. The human, intellectual and moral composition of an elite is an indicator of the level of social integration. According to his theory, subject to all social action called “residuals”; in the elite education, especially their two dominate: either company-wide rigid and not scheuende violence, persistent structures (the residual of persistence of aggregates “elite of Lion) or liberal settings that allow Combinatorial degrees of freedom (instinct of combinations of”elite of the foxes) and promote. While the foxes evolutionarily, solve the Lions the Lions the foxes revolutionary ab.

Source: wikipedia.de, from wikipedia.de, author to my life experience there even self-determined (autonomous, authentic) and externally determined people. Self-certain (of course) lent themselves perfectly to the target and result appointment with personnel and financial responsibility in my project groups. Self-certain suitable to receive clear detailed instructions (control, correction). I’ve always preferred such as slavishly leading employees. Furthermore, I apply the rule, the exterior reflects the Interior: A proper clothing, a perfectly styled beard, an apartment like a furniture store, it added yet the application of primary and secondary virtues: punctuality, consideration, emotional and social skills,… By the way: Just incompetent consultants and coaches you are convinced could learn charisma (in-formal power, soft fact) in a seminar. If you buy character (formal power, soft fact) work on himself. People feel charisma if you have it. Indeed, they were even suspicious as against others against him! Many

Managing Director

Family-friendliness and internal dialogue pay off Cologne/Dusseldorf, February 3, 2011 – in the personnel policy, most companies use both flexibility and employee orientation. This resulted in the staff Panel of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln (IW) for 1.853 HR managers from companies of various sizes were interviewed. Read more from Steven Holl to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Fluctuations in demand or a bad job situation cushion the company primarily through the Elimination of overtime or the melting of balances on accounts of working hours. Because of the impending shortage measures become increasingly important at the same time the loyalty of employees to the company according to the survey results. The staff Panel for IW’s managing director Hans-Peter Klos shows that, already, a majority of companies in Germany uses a mesh the overall concept of flexibility and stability measures which bring advantages both for employees and for the company. Company check very exactly the medium and long-term effects of its personnel policy. In times of increasing demographic-related shortages of specialist companies their personnel policy measures select more then, how well they can promote also the employees and motivate.” Of all respondents was every second company considers that measures of employee retention become steadily more important, large enterprises from 250 employees even three-fourths of the HR in the affirmative.

Two-thirds of the companies have undertaken explicitly executives to improve the job satisfaction of its employees; by the corporations from 250 employees nearly three-quarters do. In times of shortage, employee retention is a must. Any investment in the workforce pays to be so”, so the conviction of Udo Nadolski, Managing Director of the consulting firm specialized in technical recruitment and outsourcing services Harvey Nash in Dusseldorf. Just when is the employer or the supervisor for its employees as a human being interested, he can make an emotional connection to them. As a result grow loyalty to the company. And loyal employees do more and don’t sign up with the idea to emigrate to the competition. To help service providers, you need an overall concept, which can consist of benefits, fringe benefits, health, sports and children’s care programs.” Also performance-related remuneration systems could contribute, but not only that: the regular dialogue with the staff serve also the loyalty to the company. Finally belong to the package, which can improve the working atmosphere and increase the identification of employees with the company”development and opportunities for further education, the staff expert is convinced.

Particularly innovative and successful companies have recognized the value of an employee-oriented strategy according to IW: good seven out of ten of these companies practice a family-friendly and a personnel policy that equally treat all groups of employees: approximately the same many give their employees freedom to develop ideas that benefit the company. Well, half of these companies also actively promotes the participation of employees at internal working groups. Also participating in strategy sessions of the Executive Board is quite common for employees at these companies.