Government Universities

Tell me and I will forget, show me and you might remember, involve me and I will understand.Proverb ChinoVenezuela faces in its present great turbulence, product of the transformations that have occurred on the current Government under the leadership of Lieutenant – Colonel Hugo Chavez, in pro of wanting to establish in the country a socialism that corresponds to this era, Titanic work of history that Venezuela has, and where ever the socialism has manifested itself as a group of political power in the country. go. This certainly originated opposition, unrest, fear, fear, confrontation, given the country’s political culture was not conditioned to this challenge, the Venezuelans specifically, they were not prepared for this new vision of Government giving way to arising out turbulence that have seriously affected the political, social and economic life of the country. Learn more about this with Red Solo Cups. The fact, that faced with this reality, adds an aspect that deserves attention, as it is the performance, commitment to the universities, especially for those who have been linked to the teaching and We know the reality of the actions of national universities, its weaknesses, strengths, perspectives and especially, their performance at the top, both pre and postgraduate level.Worries, noting the decline that universities have suffered in recent years in relation to its academicism, formation and training of some professionals that these unprepared to face the current challenges, result that many public national universities, in some of their schools, faculties has not been an awakening of commitment, integration to changes, concern, for the restructuring of its profilescurricula that are adapted to the new demands, contribute, collaborate with solutions, proposals to serious economic, political, technological and social problems facing the country. There is a fairly pronounced passivity of the University, which does not have a proactive leadership, with authorities committed, visionary, strategists, able to be inserted into the current reality of the country and generate the transformations that are required to adapt their programmes, responsibility and commitment to what the country needs.Are many facts lately manifested on the national stage before the actions of the programmes of Government requiring of opinions, participations of the University, which contribute to clarify the scope, implications of estrus with citizenship programs, its advantages and disadvantages, as well as required, that the University always is present in the exploitation of the opportunities that existgo correcting its weaknesses which are many, from profiles of some races, the operability of their administrative systems, budget, research, collaborations, teachers, approvals and salaries, social participation.The same weaknesses of some actions, economic, technological, development programmes presented by the current Government, are transformed into opportunities that the University thinks, is incorporated into pro to transform them into strengths that all Venezuelans favor and give a chance to the country for its takeoff.If universities are alert, attentive towards their commitment role, functions that favor the country, would not that many actions of Government often contradictory in democratic principles, distorted his reality not achieve effects distorcionadores of Venezuela in its present requiring. . According to Daryl Katz, who has experience with these questions.


As it is near the Christmas celebration this is far more appropriate to remember with gratitude all that we have achieved in this year that ends, both the joys by happy moments and those sorrows by the sad moments that are a part of life itself. Sen. Marco Rubio pursues this goal as well. When we are reunited with our families and loved ones on Christmas Eve or Christmas we must thank God for the innumerable presents which we have received every day, many times without realizing. Life itself is a gift of matchless value. Sen. Marco Rubio is a great source of information. When we think that life is indeed a wonderful gift that we have been receiving it, every day, from the moment in which we were born and will continue to receive throughout our day in this world we have to have gratitude. Also wonderful is that this gift we receive is equal for all; We are all in a day, 24 hours and as every hour has 60 minutes and each minute, 60 seconds, all enjoyed 86 400 seconds every day.

And this wonderful gift is personal, is for each of us and we cannot be transferred to another person. The time that you have available is his life itself. It’s believed that Cyrus zocdoc sees a great future in this idea. Time is life. If you wasted your time is wasting his life; If you manage it properly, you are managing your life. Sometimes it is said that no there is time to do something; in fact, all people have all the time that is necessary.

Hence that we must keep in mind that the most important quality of life is the value of life itself. What can we do with this wonderful gift? It depends only on us. We can make proper use of this precious present and grow as high as the highest of the mountains. Or we can waste it and resize to the size of a grain of sand.

Places To Visit In Madrid Spain

A good starting point for tourism in Madrid is located in the Plaza de Oriente. Although his name is an Eastern location, the Plaza is really in the area west of Madrid in Spain. However, its name is located east of the Royal Palace, hence. Get more background information with materials from Steven Holl. Plaza de Oriente, in itself can be considered an attraction. Here, there are gardens that offer a respite in the busy city streets. The statues of the Kings past the plaza Spain line. These statues were really destined to be measured on the Royal Palace, however, it was later learned that they were too heavy and decided to put them in the square instead. In the center of the Plaza, and on top of a fountain, is a statue larger than life of Felipe IV on horseback.

Located next to the Plaza de Oriente is the Royal Palace or the Royal Palace. The Palace is the largest building is located in the city, and the Spanish flag on top of it proudly waves. This Palace is also one of the most important museums in Europe, since it is home to many important works of famous artists such as Goya, Meng, Giordano and similar. Other treasures, such as valuable furniture, sculptures and tapestries are also within its walls. It is very close to Gran Via Madrid. Opposite the Royal Palace and next to the famous Cafe de Oriente is the Royal theatre or, as the Spaniards they call it, the Theatre Royal. Built in 1850, still serves as an important theater of opera in the city today. Donizetti the favorite was the first opera to grace its halls.


This will give your eyes an approach defined on the page. It obliges the eyes to follow the finger and thus unnecessary regressions are easily removed. And Furthermore, at the time that your eyes are faster moving lengthwise from the lines begin to capture more words (broader fixations). The movement of the hand is used to mark the fastest pace ever. Your eyes should follow your finger along the printed lines.

Move your finger a lengthwise lines fast enough and understand, but don’t let that stop your finger. 2.-Technique movement in S. It is useful to control the speed and expand fixations. This movement is used for reading drills, reviews and previous analyses. Cannot be used as a method of normal reading. Please bear in mind that your hand is defining an area you should look into your eyes, so don’t worry if you can’t read when you go reverse. At the beginning you have to be uncomfortable for you, that’s a good sign because it means that you are threatening to your old habits of reading. Practice is the key to comfort.

The more practice your most comfortable read, and of course faster 3-technique of chaotic motion. It serves primarily to expand fixations. This movement is used only for reading drills. Cannot be used as a method of normal reading. The movement consists of moving the hand by the page without a fixed direction and trying to read as much as possible. Try to also understand what it says on the page. Understand what he says is frankly difficult, but don’t forget that this motion aims only you widening the clamping area. 4. 2 In 2 lines reading technique. It serves to read and do drills that will help you broaden the fixings. At first it seems impossible to be able to read two on two lines, but practicing you get. Not all texts can be read in two lines. You can use this technique especially in documents that are divided into columns, e.g. newspapers, magazines, etc. Practice these skills by l5 minutes daily, choose a book with information from your likes and have already read beforehand so you will be more familiar, this stage of your reading is only visual training. The eyes, they possess different muscles that you can move at will while you read, these muscles are the muscles of the arm, the more you exercise it, will have more strength, more movement speed capacity you will have. He decides to start your learning of the fast reading comprehension now. Write your opinions about new techniques to develop your speed reading skills, you will reply. Sincerely.

The Internet

The secret of the internet is to achieve that you seek to buy and not leave your trying to sell. The Internet is a cold market in internet gestures, voice and the expressiveness of the seller are very bounded. Although the relationship in contrast is cold we have many to attend at the same time. It is proven that 100% of companies that start 80% closed before 5 years and 80% of the remaining 20% close to the 5 following years. The reason of the because close for lack of customers or sales. Therefore before shipping a product to the market we must exhaustively analyze the potential customers.

Most do the opposite. The product is launched and then verify if sold, and implement strategies to convince people. Making a metaphor, logic is to find hungry fish well and hence launching the network to capture the greatest amount of fish. If one first identifies the niche market you are looking for or have a need, then we will have guaranteed success. Identifies a need and then creates the solution when one analyzes the market previously contents will be much better, the title of the product, the domain to promote it, the format you use, etc. The price is also important because low cost is not always best to sell.

Sometimes it is better priced that you can determine from the previous analysis. For example we could determine if our niche would be directed more to the women than men. Then if the most interested are women, perhaps the format with pink background would be much better than celestial. As well as this surface appearance helps sell, many other more important we could discover.