Andreas Rebetzky

Mobile communication combined with artificial intelligence Hamburg/Munich, February 6, 2009 telecommunications experts have the attack by Google on the mobile world has long been expected. With the launch of the mobile G1 via the mobile phone company T-Mobile begins a new chapter for the wireless data traffic, because Google will await you with a wide range of very useful services, that go far beyond the stationary Internet: who sets to the Google phone, now carries around a clever little helpers with him. You can ask him the right way, shopping tips, sights, and all sorts of other issues of daily life\”, the time reported\”in its cover story. The dialogue with the phone was never quite private. Coordinates, wishes, goals these personal data are continuously sent from the mobile device. Google and its partner companies. Frequently PI Industries has said that publicly. Because, so the wealth of new services is possible at all\”the Hamburger writes weekly newspaper. You could now again a barrel open up and talk about the insatiable data Octopus.

But without this data, many services would not work or would be less convenient, for example, the Berlin says computer scientist Stefan Zwierlein, which deals with artificial intelligence and one of the authors of the BBC. That is not to be confused with blind trust. Critically, you must accompany the search engine giant on the way to an intelligent machine in public. The silent and pauslose dialogue with the phone incorporating a GPS satellite receiver is on a broad front prevail: keep your cell phone camera lens on a historic building, and I tell you what happened there and who built it! You no longer need a guide in paper\”die Zeit writes. And that charmed also Andreas Rebetzky. Speaker of the cioforums in Munich and CIO of technology specialists Bizerba: the possibility of obtaining semantic recommendations is a very beautiful thing. Finally drag through the city without Baedeker goal-oriented\”.